DC Photography Weddings
Yeah... Your dress might get a little dirty!
SO maybe you're ditching the whole giant wedding idea to do something more YOU, or maybe you're planning a ginormous wedding that's going to put "Karen's" wedding to shame!
Either Way, We Want You to Know:
Your wedding is important, and we take that seriously. When you hire us, we become more than just your wedding photographers (and/or videographers). We become your personal cheerleaders, your guides and coordinators, your friends, and much much more! We use all of our experience to help empower you and guide your wedding vision so that you don't have to stress so that you can simply enjoy every moment of your wedding day. 
 Your authentic love story will be eternalized into beautiful unique pictures and an experience that is completely yours. 
All of your quirky charm, crazy moments, and wild adventures are wrapped into a magnificent collection of wedding day memories.
It starts with a call, or maybe a text. Before making things official we like to set up a time to chat with you and get to know you as a couple. OH YES, we want to hear about about your proposal, and all your wedding details/dreams! We gather a ton of info on you two and your wedding, and then we use our years of experience and expertise to help you craft an EPIC day!​​​​​​​

your epic Adventure deserves to be told! 
We're here to help you tell it!
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