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Hi!! ūüĎč
We are Sara + Scott... Aka DC Photography Studios! 
We specialize in fun and adventurous couples photography, and when we have time, we love taking on a few commercial commissions per year. We officially ditched our brick-and-mortar studio in the spring of 2022, and we couldn't be more happy! We primarily travel for our work and were so rarely actually IN the studio, it just made sense. For about half of the year, we are kind of nomads and have been known to go from one end of California to the other in a weekend. We love to travel and have become experts when it comes to finding epic locations for our couples to explore for their adventure, be that in California, New York, or overseas.
When it comes to our style, we have perfected a unique brand of organized chaos that feels laidback and fun while at its core methodically plotted and organized. We work pretty fast, with no strict posing. Scott and I believe it's better to get to know each of our couples personally and get you doing something that really shows off your unique love, and NOT some cookie-cutter Pinterest approach. 
When you hire DC Photography you're not just getting two awesome photographers. Depending on your needs we are your wedding coordinators and timeline creators, tour guides, personal wardrobe assistants, and much much more! 
So if you're looking for a couple of crazy fun adventurers to capture your love story, shoot us a message, and let's get to know each other! 
We LOVE wild elopements, rad weddings, and pretty much anything that involves documenting fun adventures and epic love stories.¬†‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč
We are SUPER excited you're here and would love to help you plan an epic wedding day. We seriously can't wait to hear from you, so please feel free to head over to our Contact page right now if you're in a hurry, but if you have some time keep scrolling to see some of our FAQs, and then come check our How it Works page!
We cater to photo and film enthusiasts and offer¬†beautifully crafted photo and video services. Scott and I aren't your average "wedding photographers", we're more like a cross between¬†ninjas, and something else super badass -¬†¬†really!¬†ūüėā
Where are you located and what are your hours?
For a lot of the year we could be just about anywhere on the west coast; however, we do have a brick and mortar located in the heart of California. Our physical located is in the mural district at Iron Bird, and our address is 1901 Fulton #109, Fresno Ca 93721. Consultations are by appointment only. Call/Text: 559-284-9003 
How far in advance should we book?
The answer for this really varies depending on what you're doing and the day of the week you're doing it.  In general we start to book out a year in advance, especially for Saturday weddings. Of course we're always happy to check a date for those last minute wedding adventures! Elopements and weekday adventures tend have a little more flexibility, and I would say a good  window would be about 6-14 months out... but  HEY! just call or text us if you're wondering. 
How do I Book you guys?
The first thing we need to do is check our schedule to make sure we have your date available. From there we'd like to set up a time to chat and get to know you and your fiancé, and hear about your wedding plans. We can't officially reserve your date without a signed contract and retainer fee. Our retainer fees vary depending on your package, they start at $1500 and go towards the balance of your wedding package. 
Do you Travel, and if so how far?
Ah... YEAH! We're basically nomads and are always itching to go somewhere new!  We keep travel fees to a minimum outside of California. We consider just about all of California home so we only charge travel to a few select cities that require extended travel planning.. Like Los Angeles, the traffic down there is just awful!! Anyways, we're ready to go, so let's go somewhere crazy! How about Turkey, or Paris?!
Our photography and videography packages are made to cater to the visual media enthusiast. Whether you’re eloping, going on a fun adventure, having an extravagant 600 guest wedding, or something in-between we have you covered.
You always get two bonafide photographers, and that’s HUGE! We have unique styles which in turn gives you a very full and comprehensive collection of your entire wedding. Scott has more of wide perspective and does a lot of fun high energy stuff with movement and motions, while I (Sara), have a more candid and romantic style. SO don’t be torn between the styles… give us a call and get the best of both worlds! 
As an added bonus… we can be in two places at once during your ceremony and get ALL of the best angles.
You get all of your high resolution edited wedding photos, and have the right to reproduce them for personal use. Of course we’ll cut the ones that look bad or if you’re sneezing and it’s not funny, we’ll cut that too and only give you the best, and what we feel you would really like.
To get an idea of the type of coverage and services we offer check out our PRICING page. Depending on your specific event we offer a variety of options so please CONTACT US  for more detailed information. 
What should I wear?
Once you join the DC Photo club, we tell you all the secrets, and will help guide you in figuring out the perfect wardrobe for our fantastic photo adventure with you!
Here are some basic guidelines: For the most part be yourself. Don't try and overdo it and wear a ball gown or tux if you're a jeans a t-shirt kind of person, and vise-versa if you're into high fashion don't wear sweats trying to keep it "casual". Wear what you feel good in and Scott and I will take care of the rest. #justdoyou
For Family Portraits: Here are a few "do-nots" > Don’t dress everyone the same - like everyone in white shirts and khakis or black shirts and blue jeans. You're a family, not clones.  Try to avoid any tight patterns, stripes, and plaids, they create something in-camera called "moiré", and it looks terrible. Generally, these types of prints are distracting and take away from you, the main subject, so we recommend sticking to solid colors as they will photograph much better. As far as specific colors go, try to stay within a color family with some complementary colors mixed in.
How do I get my Photos/Video? 
For Photos: You will receive a personal gallery (password protected) where you will be able to download the high-resolution files and print or share the photos however you like for personal use. We also have an app. so you can view and share your photos from your phone. 
For Video: You will receive a private link to view and download your video.
We no longer offer CDs, but are happy to offer flash drives, or external hard drives upon request.  
What's your refund policy?
Cancellation of the wedding services is subject to a fee of up to the full amount of your wedding contract. A $2,500 cancellation fee is standard if you haven't taken engagement photos. If you have taken engagement photos the fee will vary and may be up to the total contract amount. Refunds will only be made for payments made in excess of that amount in the form of studio credit. All payments for wedding services are non-refundable within 60 days of the wedding date and will not be available for studio credit. Cancellations must be provided in writing by 12AM California time within 90 days of the wedding to receive a refund for studio credit. 
If your wedding services are rescheduled due to a change in the wedding date, we will accommodate the change, provided that the new date and time do not conflict with our schedule. Should the new date fall on a Saturday, you will be required to place a new retainer. If we are unable to provide coverage at the new date and time, the refund policy stated above will apply. In the event we agree to a rescheduled wedding date for the services, the prices may be modified by DC Photography to our then-current market rate, and/or DC Photography reserves the right to recoup any fees already paid to DC Photography for rescheduled services.
What do you do with the information you collect?
DC Photography will only collect and use your personal information in order to make DC Photography better, faster, and more convenient for you. We will never disclose your personal information without your explicit consent. We will post any policy changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice.
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