Adventure Elopements & Intimate Weddings

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Do you want a quiet little wedding in a rose garden, or maybe an exciting big city high-energy elopement, or an epic adventure day filled with hiking and sightseeing with only your favorite people?!  
- yeah, we got you!  
Hi! 👋
We're Sara + Scott, the photographers!!  
We want to help you plan and document your love story by co-creating intentional experiences that highlight your authentic love in its most honest and meaningful form. 
We Capture your love the way you know it and want to remember it.
Imagine this:
- Your wedding day is completely focused on your relationship and the feelings you want to remember.
- Pure calm wrapped in joy! Your wedding day unfolds creating a boom of wild bliss that will echo in your mind + heart for decades.
- Enjoying every moment knowing that once everything is said and done, your memory bank will be bursting with incredibly romantic and fun stories; not to mention you'll have beautiful photos to help fill in the gaps from your awesome wedding. Everyone deserves that! 
We are more than a couple of crazy people wheeling cameras capturing souls.
When you hire DC Photography you do get two crazy people that are madly in love and ever so slightly obsessed with stealing moments in time. We also have perfected the art of creating an atmosphere that allows you to be yourself and feels effortlessly natural and relaxed. 
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