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Sara here, officially posting our first blog on the new site! ABOUT TIME, I know..#SMH 🤦🏼‍♀️
Anyways, this blog is basically about a realization that Scott and I have been dancing around for about two to three years now. This blog is mostly about us, our journey, and some growth. If you follow us on Instagram you probably saw a brief post about us "Making a shift", and well I just figured that it would be the perfect 1st topic to showcase on our site too! 
SO...Let's get after it!

It would be an understatement to say that Scott and I LOVE photographing weddings. We have captured hundreds of weddings, and got to know each of our couples personally. We helped them create timelines, think of creative goofy things to do for their engagement session, helped I don't even know many groomsmen pin their boutonnières, and for one day we got a front row seat at what some would say is a monumental life experience in so many amazing people's lives. We got to see and document a moment in time that only existed for them: all of the emotions, all of the smiles, all of the happy tears, all of the sad tears, all of a crazy highs and butterflies, all of drunken uncles, and dance floor divas, all of the kisses, and the blending of families, and best of all, all of the love... and THAT, that is really hard to put into words!   
 If 2020 has given us anything, it has given most of us TIME. Since March when California went to an official "stay at home" order and all of the postponements and a few cancelations started to flood into our inbox, voicemail, and text we started thinking! Perhaps even some forced soul searching and well...it’s become pretty clear that it’s TIME for us to start a new chapter and move away from the big wedding scene.

Over the past few years we had started to take on more elopements and tiny weddings. Our calendar has been for the most part, and still is into 2021 pretty full of standard 100+ guest weddings. Of course a lot of our 2021 weddings are reschedules from 2020 but that's beside my point, where I was going was that it wasn't until last year that we started to play with the idea of ONLY doing small weddings. And well thanks to Covid we kinda got to experience it...as awful as 2020 has been, it has shed some light in areas of our life that desperately needed a little push, and a little illumination. 

So, we're making it official! 
We will no longer be accepting giant weddings... well unless you’re really cool and bribe us.. then MAYBE.. no no no.. 🤣. But seriously we will not be accepting any weddings with more than 50 guests as of 2021. 
I’m sure there will be exceptions but those will be few and far between. If you just read that and got super sad, don't worry - we got you, we are still friends with lots of badass photographers that are accepting BIG weddings, and hey if we hit it off you never know! lol 

Of course to all of our amazing couples that have booked with us during the pandemic or had to postpone their awesomely big weddings, we are still super stoked to be part of your big day!! 

Our decision to make this shift didn’t come from negative feelings toward large weddings, but more from the extreme joy + life high we get from capturing and even officiating elopements and small weddings. There’s just something about wild adventures with badass couples who choose to do something completely different that resonates with us, and I can not wait to share some of their epic love stories with you on our blog! ♥️

WOW - That feels really good to officially put out there! 🥰⛰💕

So, with that being said I have a lot of work to do on our website!! 🤣

Stay tuned, and subscribe, for epic travel + elopement pics and tips and make sure to follow us on Instagram.  

Below are some of our fave big wedding shots...hope you enjoy. 🥂
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